4 Ways a Stay at Home Parent Can Make Extra Money

Years ago, when parents decided to stay home to raise their child, they had very few options to make extra money.  Usually, the best option was to care for other children during the day.  Now, thanks to the Internet, stay at home parents have plenty of options to generate extra income.  I have stayed home with my kids for the past two years, and now I make as much money working from home as my husband does in his 9 to 5 job.

While there are plenty of ways to make extra money from home, these four suggestions will be possible for many:

  1.  Blog or run a niche website.  Admittedly, building an income stream this way takes both time and money.  You won’t get rich quickly with blogging.  However, with serious effort, you can begin to generate an income stream.  Part of my monthly income comes from blogging, though that is only one small part of my monthly income.  Mostly I blog because I love to write.  If you try to blog just to make money, you will probably have a difficult time because it often takes several months before you make any money.
  2. Teach others your specialty. Did you formerly work as a teacher?  If so, consider working as a tutor.  If you don’t have the flexibility to leave home to meet students, consider tutoring online. A site like tutor.com can help you become an online tutor.  You just have to be able to dedicate a certain number of hours per week to the job.  Likewise, if you are an accomplished musician or singer, consider giving lessons to those who want to learn.
  3. Become a virtual assistant.  Thanks to the growth of blogs and the online industry in general, many people need help with administrative work.  If you are able to work independently, get work done within a designated time frame, have administrative skills, like to work with others, and have good communication skills, you may be well-suited to work as a virtual assistant.  You can find jobs as a virtual assistant at sites like odesk.com, but the pay is generally low.  Instead, you may want to consult sites like workathomemomrevolution.com or theworkathomewife.com, which regularly share virtual assistant job openings.
  4. Join focus groups.  Marketing firms are regularly looking for people to share their thoughts and impressions about certain products.  To be picked for a focus group, you must apply by answering a series of questions.  Then, if you are chosen, you will often earn $100 or more for two hours of your time.  A good place to look for focus group openings is on Craigslist.org, especially if you live near a large city.

If you are a stay at home parent, there are plenty of ways you can find to supplement your family’s income.  Most of these jobs have flexible hours, allowing you to work when the kids are napping or asleep for the night or when they are at school.  With diligence, you may find yourself making a nice supplemental income while caring for your children at home.

If you are a stay at home parent, what are your favorite ways to earn extra money?

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