5 Ways to Save Money on Diapers

by Mike

Since my son is just over a month old I’ve had a lot of baby thoughts on my mind.  Just the other day I posted about seven different ways to save money on baby clothes.  And in keeping with the baby theme today I’ll share with you some tips for saving money on diapers.

New parents are often shocked at how much of their monthly budget goes to diapers.  Figure at least 6 or 7 diapers changes day and you’ll see that even the jumbo-sized boxes go quickly.  And they aren’t cheap! 

1.  Buy the brand that’s on sale.  Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, whatever…pretty much any given week at least one of them will be on sale.  If you are flexible with brand choice you should never have to pay full price.

2.  Coupons!  Every Sunday I see diaper coupons in the newspaper.  They can also be found in parenting magazines and inside diaper packages themselves.  You should also ask your family and friends to put diaper coupons aside for you.  Never buy a package of diapers without a coupon.

3.  Try the store brands.  The private label store brands can cost 25% to 50% less than the brand names so you can save big if you shun the popular brands.  But I should include a disclaimer that my family always sticks with brand names because the store brands always leak on us.  We’ve tried a few times and it seemed every diaper leaked and the money we saved buying generic diapers was spent on laundry.

4.  Try reuseable cloth diapers.  Again, I’ll be upfront and tell you this is something I’m not into.  I like the convenience of disposable diapers.  But if you are willing to use cloth you can save big.

5.  Compare prices.  Prices can vary by a couple dollars per package so you want to make sure you get a good deal.  Check out the big warehouse clubs and stay away from convenience stores with large mark ups.

That’s it!  Five easy ways to save money on diapers.  Can you think of any I’ve forgotten?

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Thanks, Mike! Here’s another tip — ask for diapers at your baby shower.
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Great idea. Register for diapers so your guests will know that you need them and which ones you prefer.


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