Car Repairs, Carpenter Ants, And My Own Stupidity

by Mike

This was a tough week. A trio of unexpected expenses really took a bite out of our bottom line.

First, I brought my car to my mechanic because I had two dashboard warning lights on…the ABS light and the airbag light. Obviously I want to get both taken care of for safety reasons, plus we’re planning on selling that car since we just inherited my father-in-law’s 2003 Camry. We’re going to sell the third car and use the money to pay off some debt.

So far the bill is at $350, but the light keeps coming back even though 2 of the wheel sensors have been replaced. Not sure what the total charge will be yet.

We’ve also been having some remodeling done in our house and the contractors found a colony of carpenter ants. The damage wasn’t that bad thankfully (luckily we were having some work done otherwise the ants might not have been found until the damage was much worse). After reading about how hard it is to completely eradicate a carpenter ant infestation we realized we needed a professional exterminator. Total cost $290.

Finally, because of the construction at our home we’ve been parking on the street so the contractors could fit their trucks in the driveway. On Wednesday night I moved my wife’s minivan onto the street.

I came home from work Thursday evening to find a parking ticket on the minivan. DAMN!!

Unfortunately the July 4th holiday mixed me up and for some reason I forgot what day it was. So it was a real kick in the ass to get a $30 parking ticket when your car is parked directly in front of your own house.

All in all these three unexpected expenses cost me $770.

Hopefully next week will be better!

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benjamin bankruptcy

My first car was a 1981 ford hatchback, it was called a lazer I’m not sure if you had them in the states. No warning lights, no abs, no computer, just a tiny engine that ran on the smell of an oily rag. When something when wrong I just removed the offending part and bolten on a new one. With my new car I’m really freaked out about working on it since it’s new ish I don’t hame the computer equipment etc. Computers and sensors seem like they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

Sucks about the ticket. Sorry
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Yea, all these sensors do is malfunction and cost money to replace. More trouble than they’re worth.


Everyday Tips

Oh that is terrible to spend that amount of money and not really have anything to ‘show’ for it. How very frustrating!

We have to replace our driveway/garage floor and I have been getting estimates. Estimates range from 6-7 thousand, which is more than I anticipated. Unexpected expenses are a bummer for sure!
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That much for a driveway? We had ours done a few years ago and it was nowhere near that. Maybe the garage floor is what’s upping the price.


everyday tips

Garage floor is a couple thousand. Plus, our driveway is quite long – it holds 6 cars comfortably…
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Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Yeah, pop up expenses are awful! I’m sorry you got hit. :-(

I feel your pain since our Pug needed another $200 of vet stuff and medicines last week and will have a $100 follow-up in 2 more weeks (this will bring our total in the last two years on this one dog to about $1500…allergies and teeth and infections…sheesh) and my husband’s dental bill was $2600 after his insurance…we paid last month but the procedure isn’t until August since they screwed stuff up in June. My car also needs new tires. Yeah, pop up expenses suck…



Hi Mike, well those things used to happen. That is what I call “having a bad day”. What frustrate me more about these situations is the impotence of not knowing what to do when the professionals can’t do it for you. For example, I do not know how to repair the car sensors or repair a house. It was just a bad day.

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