Choosing the Right Business Energy Supplier

by Mike

This is a guest post from the folks at E.ON Energy Solutions

Starting and running a new business means facing many important decisions, and when it comes to savings costs and the daily running of your business, perhaps your most important decision is which business energy supplier to choose.

To help ensure you get the best service and the most cost efficient rate for your individual requirements, check out our guide to choosing the right energy supplier.


There are many energy suppliers on the market, offering a range of services for small to medium businesses, and the rates for these services may be different than those offered to home customers. As energy costs are generally a large overhead for businesses, shopping around for a low-cost energy provider is well worth your time.

However, a reliable service is also important, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, you may have to find a compromise between the rates charged and the quality of service. Generally, it is also more cost effective to receive both electricity and gas from the same provider.

Price comparison sites can provide a good idea of cost before you sign up to a supplier. Simply enter details of your business, such as location, to see options of providers and receive a rough estimate of costs. Bear in mind that it is always worth speaking to suppliers directly to discuss your individual requirements and receive a more detailed quote.

Seek advice

Before you sign up with an energy provider, it might also be worth talking to other businesses in the area and asking which energy supplier they use. The needs of their business may be different than yours, but it should provide you with a good idea of costs and suitability.

If you are considering switching energy suppliers, look into how much you are currently paying and seek out any deals available. Changing to a new provider is a relatively simple process and a regular occurrence for businesses looking to cut back on costs.

Going green

Devising an environmental policy should be high on your list of things to do when starting a new business and this may include finding a supplier that is able to offer green energy for business. Becoming energy efficient is not only financially beneficial, but it could also prove to be a good business move as it may attract more clients.

Consider how green you would like to go and find a provider that is able to help fulfill these aims, at a cost that’s right for you.

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