Frugal Dad’s 10,000 Step Challenge

by Mike

A few weeks back I read Frugal Dad’s post about his quest to start walking 10,000 steps a day.  He had purchased a pedometer and started tracking how many steps he was taking and worked out an exercise walking plan to reach his goal.

That post inspired me to pick up a $5 pedometer at Target and start tracking my own steps each day. Well after using it for about 2 weeks (less really since I keep forgetting to put it on in the morning) I’m only averaging about 4,000 steps each day.

I gotta say I’m shocked how low that number is. Even though I spend much of my day sitting at a desk I still assumed I was walking double that or 8,000 steps a day. But I may be thinking back to when I was working part time in a retail store and I was on my feet non-stop for 5 hours a night…walking from one end of the store to another, stocking shelves, climbing ladders, etc. I used to go through sneakers like crazy.

But since I quit the part time job I’m moving a lot less and it shows. I’ve put on a couple pounds since quitting and now I see why. I need to start moving more and getting regular exercise walking certainly helps.

So now that I have a baseline to go by I’m going to start following Frugal Dad’s tips for adding extra steps into my day.   I already follow some of them…I’ve never been one to drive around parking lots trying to find a closer spot, and pacing around while trying to get the baby to fall asleep could add a few hundred steps with ease.

I’ll report back in a couple of weeks to let you know how my exercise walking program is  going.  Hopefully by then I’ll be breaking the 10,000 step barrier!

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Whoa! Really? What a number! How much more if a runner would test a pedometer? Or a marathon runner? He-he! Hmm.. that’s a nice idea… i should try that too.. (Wink)
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