Having a Baby? Save Your Money and Skip Buying These Items

by Melissa

If you are going to have a baby soon and are a first time parent, you may be overwhelmed by all of the baby paraphernalia out there.  What is necessary and what will not be useful?  With all of the marketing, manufacturers can convince you that most items are a necessity.

Here is a list of items you will likely find unnecessary:

  1. Pee pee teepees:  To prevent the new baby boy in your life from spraying you and himself when you change his diaper.  As a mother of a once baby boy, I can tell you that we were only sprayed once, and I doubt the pee pee teepee would have saved us.  Instead, learn to change the diaper as quickly as possible.
  2. Diaper Genie:  We have diapered three children, and never required a diaper genie.  We simple kept a small garbage can under our bathroom sink cabinet (lined with a plastic grocery store bag), and put the dirty diapers there.  Every night we take out the garbage.  Occassionally the odor is too strong, and then we just take it out immediately.
  3. Wipe warmer:  This keeps your wipes warm so baby is never exposed to room temperature baby wipes.  If you keep your home warm in the winter, there is really no need for one of these.
  4. Baby bathrobe and slippers:  Are these pint-size bathrobes adorable beyond belief?  Absolutely, but they are also impractical.  Instead, buy a nice hooded towel; it will last much longer and be more useful.
  5. A full wardrobe:  Those teeny, tiny size 0-3 month clothes are ridiculously cute, but many babies will outgrow them quickly.  My babies were all big (9 to 10 pounds), and they could never wear 0-3 month clothing for longer than the first 6 weeks.  Often, they just stayed in sleep and play clothing.  If you receive an abundance of baby clothes, you might consider exchanging them for larger sizes the baby will be able to wear for a longer period of time.
  6. A full crib set:  We may have grown up with soft bumpers around us as we slept in our cribs, but that is a big no-no now.  To reduce the risk of SIDS, put your baby to bed with just a sheet covering the mattress and skip the cute comforter and bumpers.  If you need bumpers in case baby’s leg or arm gets stuck between the slats, consider investing in a breathable, mesh bumper that protects baby but is still safe to help prevent against SIDS.
  7. Baby socks:  You may need a few when your baby goes out, but if your baby is anything like mine were, he will be kicking his feet so much that socks never stay on anyway.

As a first time parent, preparing for baby’s arrival can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Just remember that you don’t need to go overboard to care for your baby.  Stick to the basics, and buy things as you need them.   Ask the moms around you, and they will also share what products they loved and what ones were a waste of money.

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Shawanda @ You Have More Than You Think

I’ve always thought baby bathrobes are ridiculous. If the baby could just throw one on after getting out of the bath, they’d make sense, but he can’t. Towel him off and put his clothes own. It saves you a step.
Shawanda @ You Have More Than You Think´s last blog post ..Good Debt: Does Such a Thing Exist?


Money Beagle

My wife insisted on a wipe warmer and I agreed. Most of the other stuff I agree can be eliminated. We have a regular garbage can that I change every day or two, but poopy diapers go right out into the big can outside, which helps keep the odors down.
Money Beagle´s last blog post ..Mid-Year Check On My 2012 Predictions


JP @ My Family Finances

I’d say baby shoes more than baby socks. My daughter was born in the winter and there were times where we needed to cover her toes. However, she didn’t walk for almost a year, so I’ve never understood newborn shoes.
JP @ My Family Finances´s last blog post ..Is a Prepaid Debit Card a Good Way to Teach Your College Student about Credit Cards?


Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

Love this list! Thanks for the list of things not to buy friends who are expecting.


Julie @ Freedom 48

Great things to avoid. There are SO MANY things marketed for baby’s nowadays… I think retailers like to take advantage of young, naive parents who only want the best for their baby.

My mom spent her first months sleeping in a dresser drawer (on the floor) – and you know what? it worked perfectly!
Julie @ Freedom 48´s last blog post ..Generation Owe


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