How to Donate Your Leftover Halloween Candy

by Mike

Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, I was expecting a lot of kids to be out trick or treating.  I’m sure the rainy weather played a part but hardly anyone came ringing our bell.  And we were pretty much the only ones out with our kids (last year our neighborhood was mobbed!)

If you’re like us then you probably have a whole bunch of candy leftover.  You could throw it all in a bowl and take it to work but everyone does that and there’s just way too much.  

And let’s fact it…its not the healthiest thing to keep at your desk for snacks.

So why not donate your leftover candy to people who could really use it.  There are various organizations that will accept candy as donations. 

Perhaps there’s a soup kitchen nearby that will accept it…but be sure to call first to make sure they will take candy donations. 

Another option is Operation Shoebox, which will take the candy and distribute it to our troops overseas. 

You’ll be helping to support the brave men and women who are serving in our military.  They’ll either enjoy the sweets themselves or share it with local children to help build relationships and improve communication. 

For more information vist Operation Shoebox.

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trade show displays | steve

hi Mike,
Nice new blog. Good luck with it.
I saw a story in our local newspaper right after Hallloween about one of our local dentists. He was offering to buy up to 5 pounds of candy per kid and 10 pounds per family, and he was paying $2/pound. He’d take even more, but that’s all he would pay. The cool thing was he was going to send all of the candy he bought to our troops oversees. Anyway, one of the cleverest ideas I’ve seen in a long time!
Good luck again with this blog! ~ Steve



Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. I agree its a nice thing to do with extra candy. Much better than letting it go to waste and throwing it away.


trade show displays | steve

hey Mike,
I agree with you that it’s better than letting it go to waste or throwing it away. It’s also better than what I do… which is typically end up eating a lot of my kid’s candy in the weeks following Halloween and then gaining a good five pounds. :) And it doesn’t help that Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are coming up, if you know what I mean.
I should pay a visit to this dentist’s office, or contact Operation Shoebox, since we still have a lot of candy, and I’m sure I’m gaining weight because of it.
~ Steve


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