How to Find Cheaper Auto Insurance

by Mike

Auto insurance is one of those things that most of us don’t like paying for but if you drive it’s a necessity. When looking for auto insurance, some people simply choose the first option that opens up to them, however there are ways that you can find a cheaper insurance policy, here’s a few tips:

Keep on the look-out for discounts

When it comes to auto insurance, there are many discount offers that you can take advantage of, and one which is particularly popular is the good student grades discount. If you’re young and you perform well in school, then you could be rewarded by some auto insurance providers by getting a % discount. If you drive more than one vehicle then look for policies that offer multi-vehicle discounts. Looking for special offers is a great way that you can save money.

Identify what type of coverage you want

You should identify what sort of coverage you want for your vehicle, if your vehicle doesn’t cost very much, then is there much point in you paying for full coverage? This depends on your circumstances. Also, you could consider higher deductibles to make your insurance cost cheaper, this is not advisable but you could consider it if you consider yourself to be a competent driver. You should also identify what extras or add-ons are included in your insurance policy, for example, does the policy you are looking at include healthcare coverage?  Do you already have health coverage and therefore you don’t need it? Then get rid of it and get a cheaper policy.

Compare as many quotes as possible

Comparing as many insurance quotes as possible is the best way that you can save money. It gives you a view of the wider options available and you obviously increase your chances of finding the best deal for you. Using a price comparison site is the best way to do this; it pulls information for you from various insurance providers, ensuring that you can find the cheapest price. Prices always change from company to company so doing this search gives you a quick and easy way of finding the best rate for you.

Yearly policies

Purchasing your auto insurance yearly rather than monthly can save you a lot of money. Many insurance providers offer you a great discount if you are prepared to pay via a one-off yearly payment. If you are unable to fund the one-off payment, then you could place the amount of your policy on an interest free credit card. Paying for your insurance this way means that you will have an interest free period (normally 12 months) to pay off your insurance at your own leisure.

If you pay monthly, use automatic payments

If you decide to pay for your insurance via monthly payments make sure you are using automatic payments. Some insurance companies now charge around $5.00 for mail payments, so it’s a good way to save some extra cash.

This article was written by Andreas Nicolaides, a personal finance and money saving writer from Money Supermarket.com.

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If you are under 25 ask if they have a good student driver discount. Even if you are already out of college or didn’t go.


Everyday Tips

I agree with Jenna. We just got the good student discount for my son, who is 16.

Also see if insuring both your home and car at the same place will reduce your premiums.
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Griselda Albertson

Doing a defensive drivers course also gets you good discounts from your car insurance company for as long as three years. Another great way to save!



Here’s a technique that worked for me when I was shopping for a better rate. Call up your existing insurance and tell them you are about to look elsewhere for a better rate, they’ll almost always come up with a lower quote. Worked for me and was quite surprised at how much my lower my new quote was!
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