Saving money isn’t easy at all. It takes willpower, determination, and self discipline to be able to resist the shopping impulses. Everyone needs the extra cushion of savings for when life hits. Life comes crashing down with unexpected events and expenses and for many they have no savings to rely on. You would be surprised at how actually easy it is to save some extra cash but some take it to the extreme. These frugalistic people will do anything just to save their money. These are the top ten craziest ways to save money. Though these are not all recommended or that they may apply to you. Still is an eye opener for at how you can save.


1. Get tattoos

Tired of constantly having to wake up early to do your makeup every morning and not to mention the cost of always purchasing new makeup really adds up. Get your make up tattooed on professionally and save an estimated $14,000 in your lifetime. If you are afraid of needles this is not recommended for your. It would a one time costly procedure roughly a few hundred bucks, depending on where you go. It could save you thousands.


2. Bust Out The Paint

Paint your roof. The cost of electricity is rising and seems to rise every year. Look into installing cool roof options. Using air conditioning especially if you live in warmer climates is a must. If your roof was painted white it could save you almost 20% of your current electric bill. That adds up if you think about it. Your house will be the talk of the neighborhood but who cares you will have some extra cash in your pocket.


3. Tieing the Knot

Many newlyweds start off in debt because of spending so much on their wedding. Everyone wants to have that amazing dream wedding and why shouldn’t they. You know that some people are willing to sponsor your wedding. Corporations like McDonald's have been sponsoring couples. Couples that have done this in the past have been able to get enough sponsors that their weddings were completely free. A no cost wedding, more people would get married if that were the case.


4. Forget The Meat

If you could become a vegetarian you could save a few hundred bucks a year. Most people believe that eating healthy is more expensive but that is not the case. The amount of money you spend on meat could be extra money in your pocket. Not only would your bank account benefit so would your health.


5. Tiny House Living

This new trend isn’t just a trend people are actually downsizing and saving thousands. The amount of money it takes to build a tiny house is around $50,000.00 and a full size house that would just be a little over your down payment. You will have everything you need but on a much smaller scale.


6. Tired of Spending Money on Clothing

Everyone wants to mix up their wardrobe every now and then but it's expensive to buy new clothes. Do what is called a fashion swap. A group of people that get together every so often with their clothing and swap out for new used clothes. You can start this with friends or join an existing swap.


7.If It’s Yellow Let It Mellow

Everyone has heard this saying once or twice before. Many people actually live by it and save money. Not only are you conserving water by this method you will conserve your cash. However if it’s brown please flush it down.


8. Utilize Your Freezer

Don’t just use your freezer to save food use it to save on everyday items. Items like candles when frozen will burn slower. Extend the life of your batteries by place them in the freezer. Food normally kept on the shelf if placed in the freezer will last longer and in turn save you money.  


9. Do You Have a Cat?

No one wants to clean the litterbox and constantly buy new litter. But we do, we love our animals but you may be spending over a hundred buck a year on kitty litter. Potty train your cat. Yes as crazy as it sounds it is possible.

10. Dumpster Dive

Another man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. You can find useful things that people just tend to throw out. Restaurants often throw out food and most of it is still good save on groceries and dig threw the trash. Just make sure you ask if it is ok most people will say yes and give disapproving looks. But who cares what they think you are saving money.

Think about all the different ways you can save money. Crazy or not you will be the one with the extra money in your pocket.