How to Lower Home Insurance Premiums

May 2, 2012

Tweet This is a guest post. The world of insurance can be complicated and expensive for those who don’t do their research, or for those who chance upon the wrong brokers. The average Home Insurance premium is rising; largely due to costly renewals and fraudulent claims. Counter this effect by applying a few practices before […]

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Affordable Summer Family Activities

April 30, 2012

Tweet In just a few short weeks, school will be out for the summer.  While your kids may be counting down the days to summer freedom, if they are like most kids, within a few weeks, you will begin to hear the dreaded whine, “I’m bored!”  This summer, keep the whine at bay with some […]

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A Staycation Doesn’t Have to Be Boring – Fun Family Staycation Activities

April 23, 2012

Tweet The temperatures are starting to rise, flowers are blooming and the grass is green.  You or your neighbors may even begin outdoor barbecuing.  Summer is right around the corner.  Many people take their vacations in the summer, but what happens if you won’t be one of them this year?  Maybe you can’t afford a […]

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The 3 Stages of Foreclosures

April 16, 2012

Tweet There are countless Americans who dream of buying a foreclosed home for a fraction of its true value. Some want to quickly flip it for a profit. Others want to buy it as investment and rent it out for recurring income. Still others are just looking for a good deal on a house they […]

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3 Simple Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

April 12, 2012

Tweet People are constantly asking me for ideas on how they can cut their expenses and lower their bills. They always expect some profound response that will change their lives forever. But the truth is most of my suggestions are simple and require very little sacrifice. Individually they seem almost insignificant but when put together […]

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How to Save When You Are Trying to Lose Weight

March 30, 2012

Tweet Spring is nearly here, which means that soon we will be discarding heavy jackets and coats in favor of short sleeve t-shirts and shorts.   If your New Year’s Resolutions have fallen flat, you still have time to drop some weight and get in shape before the summer season.  However, doing so doesn’t have to […]

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Ink Cash Business Card Review

March 27, 2012

Tweet Is the Ink Cash Business Card Right For Your Small Business Consumers are always shopping around for the best credit card rewards program for their personal purchases.  But what about small business owners…shouldn’t they be able to take advantage of cash back programs to help offset all the expenses they have to pay to […]

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Save Money This Summer By Starting To Be More Fuel-Efficient Today

March 22, 2012

Tweet This is a guest post. If you’ve turned on the news recently, you probably are well aware that the average price of gas is steadily increasing – and that it can be expected to hit some record highs across much of the country this summer. The increase in gas can be largely attributed to […]

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4 Ways a Stay at Home Parent Can Make Extra Money

March 20, 2012

Tweet Years ago, when parents decided to stay home to raise their child, they had very few options to make extra money.  Usually, the best option was to care for other children during the day.  Now, thanks to the Internet, stay at home parents have plenty of options to generate extra income.  I have stayed […]

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How to Make the Most of Decluttering for Your Move

March 15, 2012

Tweet Mike recently announced that his house is on the market.  No doubt preparing to put your house on the market is a difficult endeavor.  You have to spend a great deal of time decluttering and making cosmetic changes to your home.  This includes removing your personal items so the buyers can imagine themselves in […]

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