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by Mike

I’m sure you’ve seen the recent Toyota Highlander, Camry, and Corolla recalls plastered all over the evening news and newspapers, but not every consumer product recall gets that kind of media coverage.

Pretty much every day there is at least one product recalled due to safety or quality concerns.  Some of them could be in your home right now.

Fortunately there is the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site where you can find information on over 4,500 (and counting) product recalls.

You can search by date, product type, manufacturer, type of hazard, and more.  Plus you can sign up for product recall alerts so you can receive immediate notification whenever a new recall is announced.   You can subscribe to their RSS feeds or you can have new alerts delivered right to your inbox via email.

Since I have 3 young children I subscribed to the Children’s product recall list and I’m amazed at how many products are recalled.  I probably receive an average of 3 to 5 alerts each week, and some of those alerts contain more than one recall notice.   The most common recall reasons I see are toys that contain lead paint and shirts or jackets that have drawstrings which can strangle children if they are caught on something.

You can research various recalls and sign up to receive product recall alerts at CPSC.gov.

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