Saving Money on Eyeglasses

by Mike

Are you one of the 42 percent of adult Americans that need eyeglasses? If so, then you know how expensive frames can be at one of your local eyeglasses stores. The next time you schedule an eye exam, make sure you leave with a copy of your eyeglass prescription. Why? You’re not tied down to buying frames, like rimless eyeglasses, at your doctors office. You have a choice in where to shop. Why not make your next purchase of glasses or sunglasses cheaper? Shop online. 

The Internet boasts a plethora of eyeglass stores – but finding one to suit your needs is difficult. You have a lot of sites to weed through and there’s very little information out there on how to find the right pair of eyeglasses frames for you. So,  how do you weed through the junk sites to get to the real ones? It’s easier than you think.

Let’s say you’re looking for designer glasses because you associate “label” with “high quality” (which isn’t necessarily true). You can type “designer glasses” into Google and you’ll come up with hundreds of sites that will offer you designer brands. Buyer beware: unless the company states somewhere that the glasses are authentic – assume they aren’t. Also, look for the cost – if it seems too good to be true (below $80 for NIKE and the like) it probably is.

Many sites offer their own private label prescription eyeglasses frames that are more budget-friendly than designer labels. Weeding through the bad to find the good is relatively easy – look for a satisfaction guarantee or a good refund policy. Price is also a factor – good, high quality lenses are not cheap – many sites will offer free standard lenses but if you need an upgrade, the lenses should cost more than $20. The same goes with frames – paying a little more can often mean a better investment.

Buying glasses shouldn’t cost you a fortune but it is an additional cost. Spending wisely, not necessarily cheaply, will not only improve your vision but it can result high quality glasses that last until your next eye exam.

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Doable Finance

I buy reading glasses in the dollar store.
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That’s true! I never bought expensive frames. I think they are too overrated. More cheaper brands offer the same sturdiness and vastness of design. Look into other stores before getting the branded ones. You’ll save more.
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