Saving Money This Thanksgiving

by briana

We’re already well into November, which means it’s the holiday season. Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away, which means good food and family time. Although it’s not as expensive as Christmas, Thanksgiving can be a holiday that takes quite a few dollars out of your pocket. Growing up, my family pulled out all the stops for Thanksgiving, which certainly gave me another thing to be thankful for. So what can you do to be thankful you didn’t spend an arm and a leg for this fall holiday?

Have a Potluck

On my mother’s side, Thanksgiving has regularly been celebrated at my grandparents’ house. My grandma and my mom buy the turkey, the ham, the stuffing, and everything else you can think of. Everyone else just shows up with empty bellies and big eyes. If you’re taking on the burden of cooking alone, it can be stressful on your wallet. This year, ask everyone to bring a dish, potluck style. If someone is known for their macaroni and cheese, ask them to bring it. If someone makes an amazing sweet potato pie, they’re in charge of that. Another member can bring drinks, and others can bring the cranberry sauce. When you’re only responsible for one dish, you’ll save a lot of money.

Go Out to Eat

On my father’s side, we go to Las Vegas where my other grandparents live, and spend Thanksgiving out of town. There’s a buffet in The Mirage hotel and casino called Cravings, and we have Thanksgiving there. Going out to eat means not having to fight in the supermarket for the big turkey, and not staying up all night making sure the ham is perfect. You let a restaurant worry about all of that. Paying per person when you go out to eat can save you more money than buying your food at the grocery store. There will most likely be Thanksgiving specials going on also.

Alter Your Menu

Who said Thanksgiving has to be certain foods every year? Switch the menu up this year for something that’s more affordable, yet still delicious. One of my favorite videos, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, is hilarious because Snoopy chose popcorn, jelly beans, pretzel sticks and toast in lieu of the average Thanksgiving meal. Order a pizza. Have some barbecue. Beef stew could be appreciated by everyone in the family. Make your Thanksgiving dinner work for you by having whatever you have a taste for.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Deals

There will be plenty of store specials and coupons available for Thanksgiving this year. Use them to your advantage. You can start looking for store sales now, and combine them with your coupons for big savings. That’s just one more thing to be thankful for, don’t you think? Items that will certainly be on sale include stuffing mix, corn, cream soups, and dinner rolls.

So are you excited about Thanksgiving? What do you have to be thankful for? What are some savings tips you’re grateful you learned?

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Kris @ Everyday Tips

OK, now I have a life’s goal. I will one day go to Vegas to have Thaksgiving dinner. That sounds so fun!
Kris @ Everyday Tips´s last [type] ..A Flash From the Past… People Were ‘Green’ And Didn’t Know It!



I love the idea about a pot-luck! It is a great way to get the whole family involved and it makes it more appealing to be the host because you don’t get stuck with all of the preparation (and expenses). Great idea!
thefrugallery´s last [type] ..Low Cost Wall Art


Briana Myricks

@Kris: A Vegas Thanksgiving is like no other. So much fun, but really cold!
@thefrugallery: I’m hoping we can do a more potluck based Thanksgiving, then I’d love to host it :)
Briana Myricks´s last [type] ..Marriage Monday: Are You Religiously On the Same Page?


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