Some Long Overdue Yakezie Link Love

by Mike

Sometimes life gets busy and you just don’t have time to get everything done.  I’ve felt that way a lot lately, but it’s hopefully coming to an end soon (I’ll post more soon).  Anyway, I haven’t been devoting enough time to this blog, been relying a lot on guest posts…and haven’t been reading up and networking with fellow bloggers either.  So to start getting back in the swing of things I’d like to shares some of the best posts I’ve read recently.

In a great post, Evan from My Journey to Millions asks “What do you do at night?“  Sounds random, but he makes a great point about finding the time in his busy schedule to work on his sites and make money.  It’s a challenge I face myself too with 3 little ones at home, so I really identified with this post.

A great post at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff debunks some lottery myths.  I hate the lottery, so I enjoyed this one as well.

Some other good reads…

Financial Samurai asks why the average 401k balance is so low.

Sam wrote another great post on Yakezie.com wondering why so many people hate their job.

A neat guest post on Buy Like Buffett reminds us that dividend stocks aren’t a sure thing.

The Financial Blogger shares his latest online income report.  Can’t say I’m not a bit jealous!

Couple Money offers some tips to help you save on renters insurance.

Len Penzo offers 9 money tips every dad should teach his kids.





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Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Welcome back Mike. We all need a hiatus sometimes. Hopefully things slow down for you soon.



Thanks Little House!


Harri @ Miss Moneypenniless

Thanks so much for including my lottery guest post over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff here!



Thanks for the mention! I am glad you liked the article


Harri @TotallyMoney

Big thanks for featuring my lottery-related guest post over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff!


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