Sticking to Those New Years Resolutions

by Mike

This is a guest post.

Aside from losing weight and quitting smoking, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions this year is saving money. Thanks to a lagging economy and a poor job market, pretty much everyone is looking for ways to save money in the New Year and many have opted to live more frugally. If your New Year’s resolution this year is to save money, consider trying some of the following suggestions to help you reach your goal:

Buy Generic

While the difference between name brand may only be 30 cents, that savings can add up quickly when you have a long grocery list. Instead of always opting to buy the name brand, choose to buy a few generic products when shopping. The quality and taste are almost always the same, and purchasing them allows you to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket after each shopping trip.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Car insurance can be a pretty steep cost if you aren’t careful to review your policy. If you are looking to save some additional money, consider increasing your deductible or shopping online for your car insurance. If you don’t feel comfortable doing either of those, simply choosing to combine your home owner’s insurance policy with your car insurance policy can save you money in the long run.

Choose to Go Green

Choosing to go green isn’t always cheap, especially when you choose to install solar panels or a geothermal unit. However, there are a few green tricks that you can use to reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself some money each month. If you want to save money by going green consider buying CFLs, reducing your water usage, and improving the weather stripping in your home.

Quit Your Vices

While quitting smoking is often thought of for New Year’s resolutions, there are several other costly vices that individuals can rid themselves of to save a few extra bucks in the upcoming year. For those who like to frequent the bar, choosing to quit drinking in the upcoming year could save you several hundred dollars over the course of the year.

We all need to pinch pennies if we wish to retire on time or see our kids through college, but saving money doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice your way of life. A few simple changes like those mentioned above can easily help you save money.

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