The Movie Lover’s Guide to Saving Money

by Mike

My wife and I have always been big movie fans.  Before we were married we went to the movies almost every weekend.  But now that we have a mortgage and 3 kids to feed, our movie-going ways have been cut back significantly.

But we still need to get our movie fix somehow, so we came up with some ideas for saving money on movies.

Going to the Movies

As parents of little kids, matinees are perfect for us.  We can enjoy a late afternoon movie and still be home before the kids have to go to bed.  And of course they’re less expensive than later show times.

There are lots of ways you can get cheap movie tickets.  Some theaters offer discounts for children, senior citizens, or AAA members.  The Entertainment Book includes coupons for many popular movie theaters.  Your employer might even offer discounted movie tickets to employees.  Try asking someone in your HR department.

Of course ticket prices are just part of the problem.  Popcorn, snacks, and drinks will cost you an arm and a leg too.  Unless you can find a way to sneak your own snacks into the theater. When I was a kid my mom used to bring an extra large purse full of Twizzlers candy.  Just be careful not to get caught!

Movies at Home

You can save even more money by skipping the movie theater altogether and watching movies at home instead.  Personally, I hate watching movies that have been edited and contain commercials…but they are free.  Even better is my cable provider’s movie package which gives me dozens of premium movie channels and OnDemand channels.  I can enjoy dozens of movies at home each month for less than the price of a single trip to the movie theater.

We’ve saved a small fortune on rental fees since we started renting movies from the library. Our local library has a huge collection of movies and tv shows and they’re all completely free to borrow for up to 2 weeks at a time.

Sign up with Netflix and you can rent an unlimited number of movies for one low price.  The more movies you watch the more money you’ll save!

Visit your local Redbox machine and rent a movie for just $1 a night.  Just make sure you bring it back the next day to avoid being charged again.

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Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing

Netflix baby! Love it. I’ll be re-joining as soon as I watch all the ones I’ve bought.
.-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..The Official DEDC Comment Policy =-.



Hey Dennis, good to see you around! Netflix is cool as long as you rent enough movies to make it worth your while.


Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing

No problem for me there. ;)
.-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..The Official DEDC Comment Policy =-.


Car Negotiation Coach

I can’t believe how much they tack on for 3D movies! I agree that everyone has to see Avatar in 3D, but for everything else, I’ll opt for 2D and my wife and I will save $10. And I don’t know about anyone else, but those glasses give me a serious headache…I must be getting old.
.-= Car Negotiation Coach´s last blog ..How to organize financial documents for your car =-.


The Saved Quarter

We get tickets at Costco, 2 for $15 instead of 2 for $22 at the theater.


Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

We are big fans of the library and Redbox. If you sign up, Redbox send you free rental codes every few weeks. We use Netflix during the summer when our favorite shows aren’t on.

If we want to see a movie on the big screen, we first check out the selection at the $1.50 theater near our house and then at the $6.50 matinee and $8 regular ticket Movie Tavern.

Thanks to the Entertainment Book, my husband and I were able to see a matinee showing of Avatar 3D for a total of $9.50.

Yep, movies and tv are our main source of entertainment when we’re not with friends.



That’s a great point about Redbox and I forgot to mention it. If you sign up with your cell phone you get a text message for a free rental on the first Monday of each month.


Craig Ford

We hardly ever rent movies, but when we do we go with Redbox.
.-= Craig Ford´s last blog ..What To Do When God Gives Bad Financial Advice =-.



Hey Craig, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m becoming a fan of Redbox myself.


Virtual Global

Thanks for the post, I have the same problems trying to watch movies while still saving money. Netflix is what we started doing, and it works great! Thanks for the tips!


Saving Money

Great options here to save money on movies. I rarely go to the movies as it is very expensive. My teenage daughter goes too much. The movie itself is cheaper than it used to be, however if you want a drink or popcorn, well watch out! You need to give the kids $20 for just a snack and a drink. I guess you need to smuggle your own chips and lollies in.
Saving Money´s last blog post ..Saving money versus spending your money freely


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