When Shopping Styles Collide

by Mike

This afternoon my wife and I did a little Christmas shopping at the local Target.  We picked up some coloring books and a Blue’s Clues dvd for my son, some pajamas for the girls, and a few other odds and ends.

Shopping trips like this tend to be a little stressful because my wife’s shopping style could not be more different than my own.

I absolutely hate shopping (outside of Amazon that is).  I can’t stand the crowds, the lines, or the traffic.  My idea of shopping is to run into the store, grab what you need, and get the hell out as fast as possible.  On more than one shopping trip, I’ve been told that I looked as if I was waiting to go to the electric chair.

My wife on the other hand seems to savor the shopping experience.  She likes to take her time and walk up and down each aisle just in case there’s something there that she needs.  So while I’m trying to rush to a specific section of the store to grab the handful of items on our list, she’s barely in the door and just beginning to browse.

In the end we compromise as much as possible.  I try to keep my “electric chair expressions” to a minimum and she tries to speed things along so I don’t go too crazy.  It’s not a perfect solution, but it does keep agitation to a minimum.

Obviously it could be a lot worse.  Although my wife enjoys shopping, she never goes overboard and spends more than we can afford.  I think it’s more the experience she enjoys as opposed to the act of swiping her credit card.

Do you and your spouse have different shopping styles?  How do you deal with it?

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My style sounds like your wife’s and my husband’s just like yours! I like to use coupons and get good deals, which a lot of times means going to numerous stores. (If the deal is so good that it warrants the extra gas). My hubby would rather get everything at one place–which I think is foolish. We usually go our separate ways when it comes to shopping–not worth the discomfort for either of us!
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